It is common for some countries and cities to experience power outages. This is one of the major causes and problems for some business companies especially to those which are new to the business or just a s small enterprise. It would kill their profits and sales most specially to the ventures that could be more dependent to electricity. Even if, you are just at home and there is no electricity, sometimes we feel irritated and bad because of the weather condition as well. We feel hot and uncomfortable because there could no air conditioner to be used during the sunny day. That is the reason why the Camarillo Solar panels most of the people to have better back up or try to consider having a different source of electricity. It would be a great idea especially to those businesses that will be needing enough electricity power. In line with this, you could try the following before you suffer from the scheduled power outage.  


  • YOUR CAR BE A GOOD SOURCE OF ELECTRICITY FOR A MOMENT: If you have a car and there is no electricity, then you could your vehicle to turn into a power supply. You could use an inverter to turn it to an electricity source. You could charge your phone or computer or even other small gadgets. If you have a bigger kind of car then it could be used for a TV and even for small fridge.  
  • PREPARE FOR THE LED FLASHFLIGHT: flashlight could not be as so important like before. Most of the people would use their phone and download an application that can be turned into a flashlight. Yes, that’s handy but how about at home, what if your phone runs out of battery. So, it is a good option still to secure a flashlight and some packs of batteries in case that there will be some emergencies like this.  
  • SECURE THE FOOD IN YOUR FRIDGE: Since, there is no electricity for the fridge to work and make the food cooler. You need to put some water in a plastic bag and place it inside the fridge, it makes the temperature of that appliance stay longer in a low condition. Or you may transfer the food to the fridge area so that it won’t spoil easily.  
  • DON’T USE CANDLES: Especially to those houses that are built with woods and plywood. It is a good choice not to use candles whenever there is a power outage and it happened at night. You are taking the risk for a fire to start. Candles are not that very safe to use especially if there are many kinds at home. There will be a chance that these children will play to the fire and accidentally burned a light material. Or maybe your sleeping and the candle was moved by an insect or your pet. Better to you use an LED lamp or even a flashlight to see things in dark.